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IdeaMi is a communication agency.

The division was created in web IdeaMi 2000 by the passion and desire to do 360 ° communication, using half, that was revolutionary at the time: Internet.

As was tradition in those years, for dot com companies, IdeaMi born in a room with two computers and a great desire to communicate.

Since then IdeaMi grew up taking the form of a solid, now points to the Web 2.0, as the idea of ​​communication on the web.

Over the years he has worked with professionals IdeaMi network, now established, that moved the first steps on the Internet.

As an incubator electronic, ideama, he grew up and started a freelance, programmers, project manager, copywriter, graphic… in each of them is a part of IdeaMi…

Today as then IdeaMi has the same spirit of renewal and desire to grow. The force is to believe in half IdeaMi internet round, evidenced by the number of clients spread throughout Italy and around the world. The network is a source of income for IdeaMi and advertising, the entire process is online shopping!

Our idea is to provide a web agency that creates a functional business, a product that generates income and visibility.

ideama sas di Alberto Acito & c

registered office:
via S. Pietro Barisano 49 – 75100 Matera

VAT 01415820479
Toll Free 800 134708
Tel. + 39 0835 335924
Fax +39 02 700437477


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